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Stanley Furniture calls their Young America product "the safest furniture you can buy for your child."

Why should I buy Young America?  For starters, it's made in America by a manufacturer with an 80-plus year heritage and a reputation for superior styling!
Not to mention their exceptional quality level and some of the fastest shipping in the industry.

Stanley Furniture recognizes that you can buy less expensive furniture for your children, but their concern for the environment and the quality level of their products are a big part of why they lead the way in the nursery and youth furniture industry.

"green is the color of choice"

Realizing that children typically spend about 85 percent of their time indoors, where the air may be two-to-five times more polluted than the air outdoors, a number of environmental concerns needed to be addressed.

Those spending a lot of time indoors can face short and long-term health risks from the indoor air pollution caused by chemicals released from the everyday products in our homes, including fabrics, other furnishings, electronics, appliances and cleaning solutions.

According to Stanley Furniture's ownership, "To ensure the safest environments for our children, all Young America cribs have been GREENGUARD Certified. Products which receive the GREENGUARD Children and SchoolsSM certified mark have been independently tested and meet the most rigorous chemical emissions standards in the world."

To learn more about GREENGUARD Certification visit

Let Us Introduce SafeT3™
Safe T3™ is the reason that you can rest assured that Stanley Furniture Young America is the safest furniture you can buy for your child.

This designation means that all furniture passes through three levels of safeguards for product and environmental safety.  And, in addition, all of these have been certified by an independent expert.

Safety Engineered

Their own system of safety features that surpasses even the most stringent voluntary or mandatory product safety guidelines.

Safety Built

The fact that all furniture is made in Stanley Furniture's own Robbinsville, North Carolina factory, gives them an unparalleled level of quality control when building in safety.

Safety Certified

In addition to their own superior level of safety standards that meet or exceed
those set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and JPMA and ASTM, they have invited independent certification specifically on their cribs.

Stanley Furniture Young America exceeds all mandatory safety regulations set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  In addition, they are actively involved with the CPSC and ASTM in fighting for greater regulation and stricter standards.

Non-toxic finishes have the lowest levels of regulated finish materials such as phthalates and lead.

Because Young America is serious about product safety, their cribs are tested to strict manufacturing safety standards. And, they go one step further, by checking their product design integrity with an independent testing provider.

This means that every crib produced is as safe as it can be for your infant.

Furniture 'Built to Grow'
Yes, as children grow, their needs change and each child's unique sense of style begins to develop.  Because we can count on these changes, we are best served by furniture that can adapt and change with these needs.

From the infant to the toddler years and the 'tween' and teen years, Stanley Furniture builds furniture that will reflect these important stages of your child's life. 

Stanley Furniture Young America offers a broad range of sleep, storage and study options to carry them through it all.

You may be wondering if it is possible to order Young America furniture directly from the factory.

The answer is that Young America furniture is only available through independent furniture retailers.  A few of the advantages of purchasing from your local retailer include working with a specialist to help you make your selections, local delivery and even customer and product service after the sale, should you require it.

Colors Galore

More fantastic colors are offered than ever before. You're free to customize your child’s room not just with a mix of styles, but with more colors and stain options than ever.

Choose from a selection of finishing techniques, including sand thru, antique and antique with striping.

Wondering where you can order finish samples?  They can be ordered directly from Young America. Or, you can viisit their online finish sample library.

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